Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

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Vendor, purchaser, property location, whole buy value, date

Tonya Adams, Chad Dean Building Inc., 1.2 acres, Boys Membership Highway, $20,000, 11/28/22

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Liliana Diaz and Ramon Diaz, 745 Bud Moore Highway, Cottonwood, $61,005, 11/28/22

Felicia A. Vise, Jonathan G. Vise, and Phillip A. Ploss, Erlinda Diego Francisco and Jaime Ignacio Martin Nicholes, 135 Broad St., Cottonwood, $20,000, 11/28/22

Sanders Building Firm Inc., Jeannee Pelton, 2714 Nottingham Approach, $129,900, 11/28/22

Drew Kriser and Tamra Kriser, Adam Troy Davis and Paulette Davis, 4.05 acres off of Skipper Highway, $32,000, 11/28/22

Angelena Truett and James Truett, Kerry Richardson, 0 Gilley Mill Highway, Webb, $36,500, 11/28/22

Persons are additionally studying…

Suleyma Gonzales and Jose Raul Hernandez, Jolee Martin, 297 New Hope Highway, Slocomb, $110,000, 11/28/22

Paul VanGorder and Patricia VanGorder, Craig B. Tuttle and Susan F. Tuttle, 292 Magnolia Lane, Newton, $308,000, 11/28/22

Steve Reardon and Prissila Juan Reardon, Charles J. Gross Jr., 2 Williamsburg Place, $310,000, 11/28/22

Alice Trask, Keana Nichole Mathis, 813 Sundown Drive, $110,000, 11/28/22

Property of James Edward Carr, Michael Whaley Jr. and Jessica Whaley, 533 Limestone Highway, $380,000, 11/28/22

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Karen Odily Flores Cruz, 628 Ridgeland Highway, $297,799, 11/29/22

Corey James Hudspeth and Shelby Renee Hudspeth, Jeremy Parker and Hannah Parker, 4255 W. Prepare dinner Highway, $135,000, 11/29/22

Sandra Crawford, Kenneth B. Crawford, Equilla Crawford, John D. Crawford, and Miriam Crawford, Anthokeya Burney, 728 Monroe St., $4,000, 11/29/22

Dothan Hospitality LLC, Shree Ganeshji LLC, 1650 Westgate Parkway, $6,500,151, 11/29/22

Deion James and Sabrine Vondelle James, 386 Sandbed Highway, Newton, $310,000, 11/29/22

Joshua D. Campbell and Miranda L. Pendergraft, Christopher Bruce Bond and Leah Denise Bond, 2180 County Line Highway, $356,000, 11/29/22

Larry L. Greenback, B.M. Davis Investments LLC, 4850 Freeway 52, $350,000, 11/29/22

Paige Ellen Meadows and William Meadows, James W. Johnson and Lydia B. Johnson, 20 Rose Courtroom, $257,500, 11/30/22

Oliver Crews and Kayla Shaye Crews, Milton D. Buckhaulter and Helen M. Buckhaulter, 204 Radney St., Columbia, $68,000, 11/30/22

Etheredge Farms LLC, Liberty Baptist Church, Liberty Highway, Pansey, $15,000, 11/30/22

James A. Williams Jr. et al, Courtnie Turney et al, 1923 Charlton Drive, $124,000, 11/30/22

Jose Heriberto Diaz-Vazquez, Concheta Hay and Blake Ginn, 2153 W. Prepare dinner Highway, $160,000, 11/30/22

Gerald A. Hatcher and April M. Hatcher, Robert H. McCormick and Margaret Beth Robley-McCormick, 583 County Highway 33, Ashford, $280,000, 11/30/22

Lee Whitman and Susan Whitman, Jessica Case, 206 Clover Circle, $139,900, 11/30/22

Sucole LLC, Watson & Downs Investments II LLC, 3113 Ross Clark Circle, $700,000, 11/30/22

Blue Water Automobile Wash LLC, Realty Incomes Properties 19 LLC, 3406 Ross Clark Circle, $3,800,000, 11/30/22

Christy Y. Shelley, Trustee of The Nina F. Yeager Dwelling Belief and Michael O. Yeager, Christy Y. Shelley, Anthony D. Yeager, and Terri B. Kabel, Beneficiaries of The Nina F. Yeager Dwelling Belief, William Wade Shelley and Christy Y. Shelley, 1372 Chickasaw St., $140,522, 11/30/22

Ida N. Todd, Armando Prado Moya and Maria Erendira Rangel Rivera, Tons 3 and seven of the First Addition to Payne Subdivision on Nobles Highway in Cottonwood, $16,500, 11/30/22

Joseph Cody Senior and Vanessa Cody, Barry Barfield and Keashia Barfield, 0.44-acre lot off Grove Road, Cottonwood, $5,000, 11/30/22

Randolph and Betty Barfield, Barry and Keashia Barfield, 81 Fossil Ridge, $6,000, 11/30/22

Jessie L. Mathews and Lacey M. Lawrence-Mathews, Freddie Smith and Rosie Smith, 207 River St., Columbia,$193,000, 12/01/22

PC LLC, Quandaris Sanwon Williams, 85 Nova St., $130,000, 12/01/22

Jonathan T. Pettis and Sara Ok. Pettis f/ok/a Sara Ok. Franklin, Joshua Luke Sims, 3002 Nottingham Approach, $126,500, 12/01/22

Sheila L. Senn and Coy L. Senn, Lisa Blackmon, 1304 Woodleigh Highway, $204,900, 12/01/22

Charles L. Lewis II, James L. Gosper, 50 Fawn Drive, Webb, $24,000, 12/01/22

William P. Shealy Jr., Alan B. Clark, 506 W. Adams St., $150,000, 12/01/22

Neil Anthony Holloway, Brian Keith Holloway, Louie Morris Holloway, and Bonnie M. Gibbons, Steve Ridenhour and Wendy Ridenhour, 9.6 +/- acres, Lafolette St., Slocomb, $15,000, 12/01/22

S. Goree Farms LLC, Patricia A. Jones, 6.2 acres on St. Mary Highway, Gordon, $27,500, 12/01/22

Pamela J. Lord, Troy P. Cihan and Jaime A. Cihan, 975 Webb to Kinsey Highway, Webb, $125,000, 12/01/22

Steven D. Deal and Louise Deal, Zachary W. Redding, 624 Farrah Circle, $232,000, 12/01/22

Alfred Saliba Company, Ivan Douglas Jackson and Beverly Simmons Jackson, 217 Windemere Lane, $99,275, 12/01/22

U.S. Financial institution, Brittany Powell and Shannon Longshore, 701 Houston St., $20,500, 12/01/22

Rhonda Bradford, Carolyn Thompson, 200 Firefly Courtroom, $275,000, 12/01/22

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